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The Importance of Team Building Events in Remote Work Settings

24 April 2023


Remote work has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this trend. While remote work has many benefits, such as flexibility and reduced commuting time, it can also present unique challenges for teams, such as communication barriers and feelings of isolation. This is where team building events come in, as they can help remote teams to build stronger relationships, improve communication, and increase overall productivity. In this article, we will discuss the importance of team building events in remote work settings and provide some ideas for virtual team building activities.

Why Team Building is Important for Remote Teams

Remote work presents a number of challenges for teams, such as a lack of face-to-face communication, less opportunities for informal conversations, and feelings of isolation. These challenges can lead to decreased morale, lower productivity, and higher turnover rates. By engaging in team building events, remote teams can build stronger relationships, improve communication, and foster a sense of camaraderie. This can lead to increased morale, better collaboration, and improved performance.

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual team building activities can be just as effective as in-person activities, and they offer the added benefit of convenience and flexibility. Here are some ideas for virtual team building activities:

Virtual team lunches or coffee breaks: Schedule regular virtual lunches or coffee breaks where team members can chat informally and get to know each other better.

Online games: There are many online games that can be played remotely, such as trivia games, escape rooms, and virtual board games.

Virtual team building exercises: There are many virtual team building exercises that can be done remotely, such as a virtual scavenger hunt or a virtual escape room.

Virtual happy hours: Schedule a regular virtual happy hour where team members can unwind and socialize after work.

Tips for Successful Team Building in a Remote Work Setting

Here are some tips for successful team building in a remote work setting:

Be intentional: Make sure that team building activities are planned and intentional, and not just an afterthought.

Encourage participation: Make sure that all team members feel comfortable participating in team building activities, and create a safe and inclusive environment.

Focus on team strengths: Identify the strengths of each team member and build activities around those strengths.

Get feedback: After each team building activity, ask for feedback from team members to identify what worked well and what could be improved.


In conclusion, team building events are essential for remote teams, as they can help to build stronger relationships, improve communication, and foster a sense of camaraderie. Virtual team building activities offer the added benefit of convenience and flexibility, and there are many options available. By being intentional, encouraging participation, focusing on team strengths, and getting feedback, remote teams can successfully engage in team building activities and reap the benefits.