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Baby Shower Ideas: How to Plan the Perfect Celebration

29 April 2023

Determine the Theme and Location

When planning a baby shower, the first step is to determine the theme and location. The theme will set the tone for the entire celebration, so it’s important to choose one that the parents-to-be will love. Some popular themes include:

  • Classic children’s books
  • Nautical or beach
  • Princess or prince
  • Safari or jungle
  • Woodland creatures

The location of the baby shower will also depend on the theme and the number of guests. Some popular locations include:

  • A backyard or park
  • A friend or family member’s home
  • A restaurant or event space

Choose Baby Shower Games and Activities

Games and activities are a great way to keep guests entertained and engaged throughout the baby shower. Some fun and popular games and activities include:

  • Diaper raffle
  • Baby food guessing game
  • Baby photo guessing game
  • Advice cards for the parents-to-be
  • Decorating onesies or bibs

It’s important to choose games and activities that fit the theme and the guest list. Make sure to provide prizes for the winners of the games.

Decorate with Baby Shower Themes in Mind

Decorations are a great way to bring the baby shower theme to life. Some popular decorations include:

  • Balloons in coordinating colors
  • Streamers and banners
  • Centerpieces with baby items or flowers
  • Themed tableware and linens
  • Photo booth props

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures of the decorations and the guests!

Choose Baby Shower Favors

Baby shower favors are a nice way to thank guests for attending and to send them home with a little something special. Some popular baby shower favor ideas include:

  • Personalized cookies or candy
  • Mini succulents or plants
  • Scented candles or bath bombs
  • Baby-themed keychains or bookmarks
  • Hand sanitizer or lip balm with personalized labels

Make sure to choose favors that fit the theme and the guest list.

Plan the Baby Shower Menu

The food and drinks at the baby shower are an important part of the celebration. Some popular menu items include:

  • Finger sandwiches and wraps
  • Cheese and fruit platters
  • Mini quiches and savory tarts
  • Cupcakes and cookies
  • Mocktails and punch

It’s important to consider any dietary restrictions or allergies of the guests when planning the menu.

Send Out Invitations

Finally, it’s important to send out invitations to the baby shower at least four to six weeks in advance. Make sure to include all the important information, such as the date, time, location, theme, and RSVP information.

Baby Shower Ideas for a Virtual Celebration

In the age of COVID-19, many baby showers are being held virtually. Here are some ideas to make a virtual baby shower just as special:

  • Send party favors and decorations to guests before the event
  • Play virtual games, such as a baby photo guessing game or a trivia game about the parents-to-be
  • Have guests send advice or well wishes to the parents-to-be in advance and read them during the celebration
  • Hire a virtual photo booth service for guests to take pictures

Baby Shower Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal party is a fun

party idea that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s a great way to announce the gender of your baby to your loved ones in a creative way. Here are some gender reveal party ideas to consider:

  1. Balloon Pop: Fill a large black balloon with confetti in pink or blue, and have the expecting couple pop it to reveal the gender.
  2. Scratch-off Cards: Create scratch-off cards with the gender reveal hidden underneath a silver surface.
  3. Cake Reveal: Have a baker create a gender reveal cake with pink or blue filling. Cut into the cake to reveal the gender.
  4. Smoke Bomb: Set off a smoke bomb in pink or blue to reveal the gender.
  5. Pinata: Fill a pinata with pink or blue confetti, and have the expecting couple hit it to reveal the gender.
  6. Colored Powder: Have guests toss colored powder in the air to reveal the gender.
  7. Onesie Decorating: Have guests decorate onesies in pink or blue to reveal the gender.
  8. Candy Bar: Set up a candy bar with pink or blue candy to reveal the gender.
  9. Gender Reveal Box: Fill a box with balloons in pink or blue and have the expecting couple open it to reveal the gender.
  10. Baby Name Voting: Have guests vote on baby names for both genders, and reveal the winning name for the gender of the baby.

These gender reveal party ideas are sure to make for a memorable and exciting celebration for the expecting parents and their loved ones.

Other Baby Shower Ideas

Aside from the gender reveal, there are many other ideas to make a baby shower special. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Decorations: Create a fun and festive atmosphere with baby-themed decorations such as balloons, streamers, and banners.
  2. Baby Shower Games: Plan games that will keep your guests entertained and engaged. Popular games include Baby Bingo, Guess the Baby Food, and Diaper Changing Races.
  3. Personalized Gifts: Consider giving personalized gifts to the expecting parents, such as a custom baby blanket or a photo album.
  4. Food and Drinks: Plan a menu that includes both sweet and savory items, and don’t forget to include mocktails for the mom-to-be.
  5. Favors: Send guests home with a small token of appreciation, such as a personalized candle or a bag of candy.


Baby showers are a special occasion to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. From gender reveal parties to personalized gifts, there are many ways to make the event special and memorable. With these baby shower ideas, you can plan a celebration that the expecting parents and their loved ones will cherish forever.